Writing of Door Hardware Specification Section 087100, including:
  1. Meeting with Architect and Owner regarding:
    1. Desired product manufacturers and series,
    2. Functionality of each opening
    3. How door electronics is worked into the project by all parties.
    4. Documenting the results of the meetings.
    5. Working with the Architect regarding aesthetic issues.
  2. Feedback regarding code issues and plan and door schedule issues.
  3. As desired, producing detailed electrical riser diagrams to go into the electrical drawings so that all the required electrical services, backboxes, and conduit work and materials are not missed.

Providing documents for addenda, post-bid changes, clarifications.
Checking the hardware submittals.
After installation, providing a detailed inspection of the doors, frames and hardware.
Developing detailed guide specifications for Owners.


Fee Structures:

Clients have different needs and practices. Fee structures have included:

Straight hourly rate.
Fixed 'by the opening' cost for the specification. Hourly rate for submittal checking, inspections, and other post-bid work.
Fixed 'by the opening' cost for specification and hardware submittal checking.
'Not to exceed' cost based on initial estimate.

We are open to Your ideas. The important thing is to have open communications to find a method fair to both the Client and the consultant for each project.  Let’s find the structure that best suits you!