We believe that for the good of the Owner specifications should be distanced as far as possible from the supply side of the project.  We have no financial relationship with any manufacturer or supplier of doors, frames or hardware.  The only time we ever receive compensation from a supplier is when a Contractor or CM forces a Supplier to pay us for a door and hardware inspection, but we don’t choose it that way.  We are among a very small number of consultants in the nation who can truthfully claim this kind of independence.  We never forget that we work for Architects, directed by them to serve their client, the Owner, though there are some Owners who hire us directly to make sure they get the same result every time.

Making Deadlines:

We believe in the utmost importance of making an Architect’s deadline.


We believe in an excellent product.  Perfection isn’t ours to have but we push hard for excellence in accuracy and technical expertise.  Every job should be better than the one before.

Help the Team:

We believe in making things easy for other members of the project team.  The reality is that in recent decades doors and hardware have gotten ever more complicated to furnish and install.  So, our specifications include unusually detailed instruction for the Contractor’s mechanical and electrical installers.  We often serve as the only party capable of keeping all of the different trades involved with electrified openings on the same page.

Open Competition:

We believe in enhancing open competition among worthy competitors who manufacture and sell high quality products.  Sure, Owner’s have individual needs and we’re happy to include and exclude as they direct, but when no such special need exists, with our specifications it’s always an open even playing field … and that is the most effective way to get better products at lower costs.